square5The preschool classrooms are divided into five main activity areas:

  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial Area
  • Math Area
  • Language Area
  • Geography and Environmental Studies

Practical Life includes life skill exercises and creative arts projects where students develop organizational skills and become familiar with cognitive order, care of self, and their environment.

In the Sensorial Area, students learn to order, classify, discriminate, and describe sensorial impressions.

The Math activities use manipulatives so that students may internalize the concepts of numbers, symbols, sequence, and operations. The tactile math activities make it easier to memorize pertinent facts.

In Language Arts, students engage in many stimulating activities. Using manipulatives, students learn to link sound and letter to better express themselves. Children also practice grammar in the context of oral and written expression. Additionally, children’s literature is read and creative dramatics are performed.

Children learn about the natural world in Geography and Environmental Studies, which combines the study of science and geography. An awareness of global geography and of the many cultures of the world is realized. In all activities, self-expression is encouraged.