square16The Infant Program staff is specially trained in developmentally appropriate practices for infants. The Brookwood School cares for infants as young as six weeks old. A ratio of four children to every one staff member is maintained in the infant program. Staff members are attentive to infants’ individual care needs. Each child is assigned his/her own crib and follows a personal schedule of eating, sleeping, and playing. Same age children often have similar schedules so they have the opportunity to play with one another and share meal times together.

The Brookwood School provides a stimulating environment for early physical, emotional, and intellectual growth. Music, reading, and outdoor activities, weather-permitting, are incorporated in the daily infant program. The staff shows support with warmth and encouragement. The school shares in families’ joy with the attainment of each new milestone.

The Toddler Program has been developed specifically for children 18 months through 3 years of age. The environment is designed for sensorial and motor exploration in both indoor and outdoor settings. The work of the toddler is to build a sense of independence and self-confidence.

Toddlers benefit from exposure to ideas, objects, and concepts through a language rich environment and approach. The classroom is flexible and open to individual interpretation. Toddlers receive lessons on sensorial materials, language, and mathematics with the emphasis on language. Additionally, toddlers enjoy physical education and music instruction.

The staff members of the Infant and Toddler programs at Brookwood are trained in infant and child CPR and first aid. They also attend regular training in child development and early childhood education.