The Brookwood School Mission Statement

The Brookwood School endeavors to provide the following developmentally appropriate, research-based best practices in its programs that encompass infant/toddler childcare and enrichment, preschool education, primary education (K), after-school childcare and enrichment (K-4), summertime childcare and enrichment (K-4), and specialized performing arts classes. Such programs will be staffed with qualified teachers and caregivers that act cooperatively with public and private entities, parents/guardians, and the community at large. Through well balanced curriculums of both academic and play-based activities, the programs will promote the following characteristics in the created and varied, safe and stimulating environments provided by The Brookwood School: pro-social behaviors, educational curiosity, creativity and rigor, multicultural/pluralistic perspective of society, goal setting/positive choices mindset, safe, authentic self-expression in all the arts and multiple-intelligence areas of competence/expertise.

The Brookwood School’s goal of the aforementioned is to produce young people who are highly functional and well poised to be successful as they continue their growth and development in other places of learning, ultimately making meaningful contributions to the common good of society.